The Nile – Egypt’s lifeline

The three-part documentary ‘The Nile – Egypt’s lifeline’ tells with opulent images of magnificent landscapes and fascinating people who shape their lives in the Nile Valley between awakening and tradition with imagination and creativity. No river is so shrouded in legend, no river so dominates the land through which it flows.

We travel to the cradle of a great civilisation whose buildings continue to amaze to this day.

further broadcast dates:
12.08.2018 from 09:00 on Phoenix
14.08.2018 from 05:00 on Phoenix
16.08.2018 from 16:30 on Phoenix

Broadcast date:WH am 20. Mai 2023 ab 11:30 Uhr auf arte
Length:3 x 43 Minuten
Written and directed by:Michael Gregor
Camera:Alexander Hein
Editor:Kjell Peterson
Editorial advisor:Petra Boden ZDF/arte
Line producer:Anke Meyer
Executive producer:Jasmin Gravenhorst
Filming location:Ägypten