Fit into spring – the big exercise check

Get fit in just eight weeks? “ZDFzeit” does the big exercise check with four candidates aged between 23 and 62. And answers questions like: Which type of sport suits whom? What are tracking tapes and other fitness products good for? “Fit in the Spring – The Big Exercise Check” also offers some surprising insights: Even slim people are not always necessarily fit.

Broadcast date 10. April 2018, 20.15 Uhr im ZDF
Length ca. 45 Min.
Written and directed by: Yousif Al-Chalabi
Camera: Yousif Al-Chalabi, Axel Czarnecki, Christian Dressler, Jarek Presnück
Editor: Daniel Paul Bier
Editorial advisor: Lisa Borgemeister, Philipp Müller
Production: John Braun, Lilia Schulz
Line producer: Ulrike Schwerdtner
Executive producer: Jasmin Gravenhorst, doc.station GmbH
Filming location: Frankfurt, München, Hamburg, Berlin