Robot colleague – job killer or opportunity?

Our working world is undergoing radical change. Many people are afraid of soon becoming superfluous. The film shows the opportunities, but also the limits of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence. There is no job that is not affected by digitalisation. That’s why experts have been predicting gloomy times in recent years: Almost half of all professions were supposed to disappear. In the meantime, hardly anyone still believes in these drastic figures. Nevertheless, we are in the middle of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Broadcast date:7. Dezember 2017 um 16:00 auf ZDFinfo
Length:43 Min
Written and directed by:Angela Scheele
Camera:Thomas Bresinsky, Oliver Gurr
Editor:Agata Welz, Sven Voß
Editorial advisor:Kerstin Ripper, Barbara Kühn
Production:Ulrike Schwerdtner
Executive producer:Jasmin Gravenhorst
Filming location:Schweden, Deutschland