Our wild Switzerland

This series is an expedition through wild Switzerland. In four films we take to the stage of nature, search for the big and small dramas that take place in the animal and plant world, explore the origins of time-honoured myths and legends about busy dwarfs and scary dragons. And we tell stories of people who live and work in the midst of this nature.


Part I – The Upper Engadine
Part II – The Vanil Noir
Part III – The Aletsch Glacier
Part IV – The Verzasca Valley

Broadcast date:27. Dezember 2018 ab 16:55 Uhr auf 3sat sowie 28.12.18 ab 00.00 Uhr auf 3sat
Length:4 x 50 Min.
Written and directed by:Anne Wigger, Anja Glücklich, Michael Gregor, Marcus Fischötter
Camera:Steve Kfoury, Jasper Engel, Alexander Hein, Reiner Bauer
Editor:Sven Voß, Fabian Teichmann, Kjell Peterson
Editorial advisor:Rajan Autze, SRF / 3sat
Production:Kerstin Peterssen
Executive producer:Jasmin Gravenhorst
Filming location:Schweiz