3 Days of Life – Politicians Try Out Everyday Life, 2nd season

They make important speeches, sit in Bundestag chambers all day, and work on new laws. Politicians are frequently criticized for not understanding the needs of their constituents because their lives have so little to do with those of most citizens. Do politicians know our concerns? Is it true that politicians have lost touch with reality and their decisions are miles off base? Or are the accusations unfounded? ZDF wanted to know for sure and took a number of politicians through a kind of everyday assessment test. In 3 Days of Life, representatives left their political lives and took on the roles of “ordinary” citizens for 72 hours. Six prominent politicians take on the challenge and agree to give their own political beliefs a reality check. Claudia Roth, chairwoman of the green party, takes over for a Bavarian pub owner. Karl Lauterbach of the SPD counsels underage criminal offenders for three days. Wolfgang Bosbach of the CDU goes to work on the docks in Hamburg. Dorothee Bär from the CSU tries to get the lives of high school dropouts back in order. Katja Kipping from DIE LINKE makes sandwiches in a fast food place, and Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, a FDP representative to the European parliament, does night shifts as a baker’s apprentice.

Broadcast date:ZDF 25.07.09. / 01.08.09 / 08.08.09 um 17:55 Uhr als Doppelfolgen
Length:6 x 30’
Written and directed by:Katja Debus, Sven Ihden, Andreas Maus, Henno Osberghaus, Angela Scheele
Production:Christine Lachmann
Line producer:Anke Meyer
Producer:Martina Sprengel
Executive producer:Hartmut Klenke
Filming location:Bayreuth, Dormagen, Dresden, Hamburg, Sulzbach-Rosenberg