Bismarck – Chancellor and Demon

“I will probably become either the biggest scoundrel or the most important man in Prussia.” Otto von Bismarck 1833, in conversation with fellow students in Göttingen. This two-part documentary will shed light on Bismarck’s contradictory personality. His personal memories serve as our guide, and the picture is rounded out with historical facts. This film raises questions: What thoughts, what ideas were behind the man who went down in German history as the “Iron Chancellor”? What desires, what ideals pushed him to seek power? How did a former gambler with debts and a taste for excess and alcohol become the founder of the German Reich?

Broadcast date:07. (Teil 1) und 14. Oktober (Teil 2) 2008 um 23.15 Uhr auf HR; Ausstrahlungen von Teil 1 auf Einsfestival: 06. Oktober 2008 um 20.15 Uhr, 11. Oktober 2008 um 05.30 Uhr, 13. Oktober 2008 um 16.45 Uhr, 20. Oktober 2008 um 11.15 Uhr; Ausstrahlungen von Teil 2 auf Einsfestival: 07. Oktober 2008 um 20.15 Uhr, 11. Oktober 2008 um 06.15 Uhr, 14. Oktober 2008 um 16.45 Uhr, 21. Oktober 2008 um 11.15 Uhr, 05. und 12. Juni 2007 jeweils um 23.00 Uhr auf N3
Length:2 x 45’
Written and directed by:Christoph Weinert
Production:Ulrike Römhild
Line producer:Anke Meyer
Producer:Brigitta Schübeler
Executive producer:Hartmut Klenke
Filming location:Deutschland, Frankreich