Is that supposed to be law? Controversial judgements with Ingo Zamperoni

Courts provide justice. But some verdicts leave us stunned. Together with lay judges from northern Germany, Ingo Zamperoni uses three particularly controversial cases to discuss why justice and our sense of justice are sometimes worlds apart.

A man is accused of rape and ends up innocently behind bars for years. How is that possible in our legal system? What role do expert witnesses play?

How can it be that the perpetrator in a murder case is known but still at large? A fundamental pillar of the rule of law protects him: anyone who has been acquitted may not be tried again for the same crime. Why is this principle so important and why can the father of the murdered woman still hope for justice?

Is murder the same as murder? Or is there even acquittal when a woman shoots her husband who tortured her for 15 years?

Broadcast date:12./13./14.11.18 jeweils um 22 Uhr im NDR Fernsehen
Written and directed by:Nadja Kölling (Fall 1), Yousif Al-Chalabi (Fall 2), Vivien Pieper (Fall 3)
Juristische Beratung: Dr. Susanne Perker
Camera:Yousif Al-Chalabi, Axel Decker, Bernd Kreidel, André Krüger, Günther Wulff
Editor:Rainer Wolf, Udo Zühlsdorf
Editorial advisor:Christoph Bungartz, Anneke Hoppensack, Katja Wildermuth
Production:John Braun, Christin Gumpert, Lilia Schulz
Line producer:Ulrike Schwerdtner
Executive producer:Anna Grün, Martina Sprengel