The true nature of our dogs and cats

Dogs and cats are the Germans’ favourite animals. Around 13 million cats and eight million dogs live in our country. As partners, confidants, couch companions and protectors.

It is impossible to imagine our lives without them – they comfort and accompany us in everyday life, and some even work with us or for us. As a police tracking dog, as a rescue or protection dog and some even as a therapy animal. Trust between humans and animals is the basis of cooperation. Those who have managed to build up a bond with their dog or cat will go through fire for them, and not just proverbially.

In Brandenburg, Gustav, a Pyrenean mountain dog, is supposed to protect sheep from wolves. Nelli and Mr Nielsen, two small house cats, find a new home. Clover, a Swiss shepherd, has all the qualities to become a good rescue dog. Lotta and Emil were born on a farm where there was no place for them. Now, in a therapy facility, they help little boys overcome their mistrust and shyness and gain confidence in the world. A challenge they both have to face with great courage.

In two episodes we also explore the question, how much wildness is still in dogs and cats today? Hunting is one of their primal instincts. Even if it is no longer about mice and martens, playing with ball and tape satisfies the animals’ great urge to move and challenges their senses such as hearing, seeing and smelling, which are far superior to humans.

Broadcast date:Teil 1 am 4. Juni 2017, 14.10 Uhr und Teil 2 5. Juni 2017, 13.55 Uhr
Written and directed by:Daniela Agostini
Fachberatung: Kate Kitchenham
Camera:Thomas Bresinsky, Thomas Frischhut, Eric Schimschar
Editor:Fabian Teichmann
Editorial advisor:Brigitte Duczek, Natalie Müller-Elmau
Line producer:Ulrike Römhild
Producer:Martina Sprengel
Executive producer:Carim Aadam