Dominican Republic – lust for life and curlers

The Dominican Republic is considered safe, well-developed and offers plenty of sun. Popular with tourists, it is also known as the “Mallorca of the Caribbean”.  But its true essence lies beyond the paradisiacal backdrop. Between endless dream beaches with powder-fine sand, rushing waterfalls and tall coconut palms live people whose stories make you forget the cliché of a romping place for all-inclusive tourists. They are sensual and touching moments that determine everyday life and shape life on the island.

Ana Maria Marin and Marco Berger researched and filmed on the Caribbean island. The result is a film with people full of passion and love of life.

Broadcast date:12. Dezember 2019 um 20:15 im NDR
Written and directed by:Ana Maria Marin, Marco Berger
Camera:Marco Berger
Editor:Sven Voß
Editorial advisor:Kathrin Bronnert, Annette Plomin
Production:Christin Gumpert, Lilia Schulz
Line producer:Ulrike Schwerdtner
Executive producer:Brigitta Schübeler
Filming location:Dominikanische Republik