Rivers of light

Five-part film series on the great rivers of Spain and Portugal
by Michael Gregor

For the modern explorer, the rivers Guadiana, Ebro, Tajo/Tejo, Duero/Douro and Guadalquivir are guides to the unknown Spain and Portugal “behind the mountains”, where yesterday and today form a fascinating mixture. Following their trail, one can still find them, “forgotten” places with unusual people and their often strange biographies. Mysterious underworlds with hidden traces of the past and lonely plateaus. Again and again, grandiose natural panoramas and romantic corners far from the tourist catalogues impress. But even in the river metropolises there are still surprising things to discover: stories that are shaped by people with enthusiasm and a love of life.

Each at 6.35 pm on arte:

25.02.2019: Rio Duero/Douro
26.02.2019: Rio Guadiana
27.02.2019: Rio Tajo/Tejo
28.02.2019: Rio Ebro
01.03.2019: Rio Guadalquivir

Broadcast date:ab Montag, den 25.02.2019 um 18.35 Uhr auf arte
Length:5 x 43'
Written and directed by:Michael Gregor
Camera:Alexander Hein
Editor:Kjell Peterson
Editorial advisor:Petra Boden (ZDF/arte)
Production:Lilia Schulz, Christin Gumpert
Line producer:Ulrike Schwerdtner
Producer:Jasmin Gravenhorst
Filming location:diverse in Spanien und Portugal