In the era of globalization, economic crisis and changing values, many Germans are discovering how important it is to feel at home somewhere. These clips express this longing, and they send a positive signal in the face of fierce debates about parallel societies and foreigners’ lack of integration. We take into account that “home” is a romanticized term, a kind of love letter to a place: Janina: “If home is a place, than it has to be the Ruhr region here. The Ruhr University is a really ugly concrete block of a building, but I like it anyway.“ Nikeata: “Kreuzberg has so many extremes, like the drug addicts, but there is also this multi-cultural thing going on, which I think is cool, of course. I can move about freely here. I know the people, and it’s fun. That’s why it’s my home.“ Arnold: “Home is the place where I live. A home is something that comes from having a relationship with the earth, the plants, the animals and the humans there. Then a place becomes a home.“

Broadcast date:nn
Executive producer:Hartmut Klenke
Filming location:Deutschland