Islands of Switzerland

“Off to the island? That’s also possible in Switzerland. Actually, the country stands for mountains and lakes – at most for banks, chocolate or watches. But now the Swiss also want to score with island feeling. Detached from the mainland, off the beaten track, eccentric, peculiar: this is the image that islands have. Ideal for escaping from everyday life. Before the emergence of tourism discovered the island world as a holiday destination, romantic idyll and recreation area, however, they were regarded as feared places of exile, as obstacles to shipping or as the scene of Robinsonades. In the Middle Ages, islands offered ideal conditions for castles and fortifications for strategic reasons. With the construction of power plants and watercourse corrections at the end of the 19th century, new islands were created, some wandering around as gravel banks in the river, surrounded by streams or floating in the lake.

Discover the four Swiss islands with us:

Episode 1: Ufenau, paradise in Lake Zurich on 08.10.18 at 8:15 p.m.

Episode 2: Werd, kingdom of heaven in the Rhine on 08.10.18 at 9:05 pm

Episode 3: St. Petersinsel, green jewel in Lake Biel on 15.10.18 at 8:15 pm

Episode 4: Hallwyl, grand opera in the Aabach on 15.10.18 at 9:05 pm

Broadcast date:Am 08.10.2018 und 15.10.2018 ab 20:15 Uhr im 3sat
Length:50 Min. pro Folge
Written and directed by:Marcus Fischötter, Anne Wigger, Anja Glücklich
Camera:Reiner Bauer, Jasper Engel, Andrzej Król, Moritz Schwarz, Torbjörn Karvang
Editor:Sven Voß, Fabian Teichmann
Production:Lilia Schulz
Producer:Jasmin Gravenhorst
Filming location:Schweiz: Ufenau, Werd, Hallwyl, St. Peterinsel