Across the Mediterranean – the holiday documentary

For MDR, the doc.station team accompanied captain Friedhold Hoppert, his crew and passengers through the Mediterranean and filmed a four-part holiday documentary. A ten-day cruise from Palma de Mallorca to Barcelona. Ralf and Astrid Gutzeit from Thuringia are cruise professionals among the 2,200 passengers and are looking forward to the planned excursions to Capri and Florence. Their 14-year-old son Friedrich can’t take much of his parents’ enthusiasm. He would rather sleep in and play football on the ship. Will that at least work out on his birthday? Captain Hoppert has a visitor from his home in Schleiz. His wife is coming for the weekend. Her husband wants to show her an insider tip in Naples: The supposedly oldest pizzeria in town. But how secret is this tip really? Also with them: 27-year-old Sarah from Gotha, a joker by profession. Her job is to keep the guests happy and make sure everyone feels comfortable. And hotel manager Fabian Leonhardt is responsible on board for sleeping, eating, drinking and for 400 employees. His biggest challenge, stockpiling: whether it’s pencils, cleaning products or pineapples – everything the floating hotel needs for the next ten days is piled up in the ship’s storerooms.

Broadcast date:05.01./12.01./19.01./26.01.2017 jeweils um 19:50 im MDR
Written and directed by:Johannes Bünger, Vivien Pieper
Camera:André Krüger, Michael Dreyer
Editor:Imke Koseck
Editorial advisor:Bettina Rudolph
Production:Ulrike Römhild
Line producer:Anke Meyer
Producer:Martina Sprengel
Executive producer:Hartmut Klenke
Filming location:Mittelmeer