Slim Down for Spring

Six volunteers declared war on those pounds and tested Germany’s three most popular diets: the “Almased” diet’s dry powders, the balanced diet recommend by Brigitte, a women’s magazine, and the meat-heavy “Atkins” diet. The volunteers got tips on how to cook delicious and varied meals despite dietary restrictions from star chef Nelson Müller. Medical care and the before and after checks were taken care of by Prof. Daniel König of the University Hospital in Freiburg. After six hard weeks of denial, we have a winner of the Great Diet Test. The winner lost an impressive nine kilograms. Will he be able to keep them off? The diet industry in Europe earns billions every year with our longing for the ideal figure. Publishers, pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers can count on our business. But what is really behind the countless diets and cures? This documentary examines the myths and excuses about losing weight and shows the best ways to achieve both a good figure and good health.

Broadcast date:Am 04. März 2014 um 20:15 Uhr im ZDF
Length:43 Minuten
Written and directed by:Michael Renz
Author:Michael Renz, Stefanie Zeyn
Editorial advisor:Christian Deick
Production:Sandra Thum
Line producer:Anke Meyer
Producer:Jasmin Gravenhorst
Executive producer:Hartmut Klenke
Filming location:Freiburg, Hamburg