Everyday Poverty – Life in Bremerhaven Lehe

According to the Debtors’ Atlas, Bremerhaven Lehe is Germany’s poorest district. This documentary asks how people live here. Those who can, move away – or do they? Empty houses, crumbling facades and shuttered doors. Many residents are unemployed and live on Harz IV. But many also feel at home here. They believe in a better future. Author Gregor Eppinger meets Heidi, Andrea and Frank, for whom poverty is part of everyday life, who nevertheless fight and do not give up.

Length 45 Min.
Written and directed by: Gregor Eppinger
Camera: Christiane Schmidt
Editor: David Holfelder
Editorial advisor: Martina Nothhorn
Production: Ulrike Römhild
Producer: Brigitta Schübeler
Executive producer: doc.station GmbH
Filming location: Bremerhaven